About Us

Founded in 2006, EPC is constantly evolving to improve its technical competitiveness and its network of Italian and foreign partnerships.

Since 2010, EPC has also been operational in Brussels, with its own collaborators who follow the various opportunities for Community development more closely.

In 2011, EPC activated a new area dedicated to the identification of European, national or regional funds for cooperative R&D projects.

4 simple statements describe the performance of EPC.


Your time is precious.

The speed of response to the customer it is the first indicator of effectiveness, efficiency and commitment.


Optimize your work.

An extremely competitive economy in the execution of works allows excellent results and compliance with implementation times.


Search for new challenges.

EPC is constantly expanding and diversify its range of activities.


Use all the tools at your disposal.

A multidisciplinary approach linked to the use of advanced technologies allows highly customized solutions.


Professionals with highly specific skills.

EPC consist of young, dynamic and highly specialized professionals. The team’s planning is strongly oriented towards quality according to the indications of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 with which EPC is certified, to guarantee the achievement of most demanding customers’ expectations.

Federico Carollo

General Management (Sole Administrator)
Master’s degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Francesca Borga

Project Manager and Head of European Project and development sector
Master’s degree in Management Engineering specialization on Economic Organization

Sara Pilotto

Head of administration and general secretariat – project reporting
Business Management high school Diploma

Federica Piccolo

Project Manager – Fundraising, Project Design and implementation – Research sector
Master’s degree in Biological Sciences, PhD in Genetics

Gaspare Andreella

External collaborator technical contact person for hydraulic modeling and design,
Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering

Matteo Rossato

External collaborator technical contact person for accounting and business management,
Master’s Degree in Economics – Auditor

Manuela Massi

Project Manager – European Project area
Degree in Foreign languages and Master in the governance of local development networks

Mauro Borin

Project Manager – European Projects area
Master’s Degree in Philosophical Sciences

Andrea Zarantonello

Project Manager of the Land & Environment area, technical contact person for the topography, CAD and GIS sector. Surveyor

Anna Corrà

Collaborator of the Land & Environment area.

Enrico Marin

Collaborator of the Land & Environment area.
Master’s degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences