Remote Sensing

From reality to the digital model.

EPC provides a complete service ranging from land survey design to the acquisition, processing and return of terrestrial / photogrammetric laser scanner data, in the different sectors of application.

What we offer

EPC is specialized in making use of modern topographic survey and data processing technologies. The tools in our possession allows us to carry out in full autonomy, surveys of objects and surfaces of small dimensions (architectural details, buildings, artifacts) and of entire portions of land (river beds, quarries, landfills, slopes).

Depending on the context and objective of the work (size, degree of detail, precision required) EPC puts in place targeted strategies of relevance, working efficiently with one or more tools.

Over the last few years EPC has specialized in topographic survey through the use of terrestrial laser scanners and terrestrial & aerial photogrammetry techniques. The ability to perform a survey from above allows to easily overcome physical obstacles, reducing drastically the work times and addressing the most different environmental contexts. EPC currently has one of the best tool available on the market and is recognized among ENAC operators for operating in non-critical scenarios.

Latest projects carried out