Environmental Project Design

Effective solutions in the field of environmental project design


Our goal is to propose the most effective design solutions which take into account all the side effects that the construction of any infrastructure necessarily entails on the local economy, the environment and the living conditions of citizens.
For these reasons, each project is considered as an element to be framed in its specific territorial and environmental context.

What We offer

Through a technical staff, EPC offers the following services in the field of environmental project design at all levels (feasibility study, preliminary, final, executive project design, Works Directorate and safety coordination).

Design of pedestrian and cycle paths
Design of naturalistic trails
Design of forest roads
Design of ski slopes and trail networks
Arrangement of unstable slopes
Interventions of naturalistic bioengineering

The strengths in LAND PLANNING: technology and interdisciplinarity

The interdisciplinary of our technicians and the implementation of analysis models of high technological value, make EPC an ideal partner for the execution of complex works that involve several subjects.

EPC offers land planning and environmental analysis services to support public and private authorities on different levels of activity.
The working areas mainly concern the following contexts:

  • Knowledge of Regional Law frameworks  (11/2004)
  • Environmental Impact Studies (SIA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (VINCA)
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Development of methodologies and models of territorial analysis
  • Sustainable development plans
  • Environmental analyzes in support of the Land use and Spatial Planning
  • Forest and landscape restoration plans
  • Hydrological – hydraulic analysis and hydraulic modeling (one – two dimensional)
  • Municipal Civil Protection Plans
  • Create dedicated software applications for the real-time management of resources for civil protection
  • GIS analysis