Eurosynergies service

Take the most appropriate growth and financing opportunities.

Eurosynergies is a relevant service of the fundraising and European projects development area of EPC. It was launched in 2009 with the specific intention to become a point of reference for the different types of local authorities that operate on national level and want to invest in the growth and development of their own territory.

What We offer

EuroSinergie is aimed exclusively at public entities such as Municipalities, Provinces, Land Reclamation Consortia, Mountain communities, Park Authorities, Environmental Agencies. Through a close cooperation and constant communication, EPC supports the public institutions in their approach to regional, national and European programmes and thus helping them to take the most appropriate growth and funding opportunities.

To meet the different needs of our customers, EuroSinergie is structured in two main types of services which allow local authorities to take advantage of opportunities coming from EU, national or regional funding, playing an active role in the sustainable development processes of their local communities.

Our services:


Basic service, which can be activated through an annual package and includes information activities, support in the presentation of project proposals previously agreed with the institution

  • Monthly NEWSLETTER on new funding opportunities
  • HELP DESK active 5 days a week
  • Support for project SUMISSION

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (for specific project)

Supplementary services, to meet specific customer needs and organized in modules that can be activated with a dedicated assignment, as a result of a specific funded project or in the case of complex projects.

  • Support for ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT of the single project
  • Support for project COORDINATION with the consortium and the funding authority
  • Project COMMUNICATION management
  • DRAFTING of project documents (reports, deliverables, …)
  • TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT of the project
  • Support for the submission of COMPLEX PROJECTS

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