ATI Aggregation Project Vicenza between Art Nature and Flavours


Bassano KM Quadro A.P.S.

Activity Period:

March 2022 – December 2023

Kind of Service:

Technical, financial and administrative support service for the ATI aggregation project – Vicenza tra Arte Natura e Sapori (Vicenza between Art, Nature and Flavours), which brings together 15 SMEs in the tourism and ancillary services sector in the Province of Vicenza, implemented within the framework of the POC POR FESR 3.3.4d call.

Management of the development and operational coordination of project activities. Strategic and coordinated support for the supervision and control of coordinated actions between the project sub-projects with respect to the common objectives of the aggregation. In addition to this, assistance was offered for accounting and reporting activities. website


POC POR FESR Veneto 2014-2020