RiScopro, know to protect, know to choose

RiScopro, know to protect, know to choose

The project

RiScopro is targeted to children and young people from primary and secondary schools in the province of Vicenza. The project is part of environmental awareness and protection programmes. In fact, through guided tours and workshop activities, the new generations have been involved in learning about natural ecosystems in order to learn the importance of adopting correct habits and behaviour that respect nature.

The project, implemented by the Municipality of Bressanvido together with the Social Cooperative La Casetta di Vicenza and with the support of Latterie Vicentine, the Risorgive di Bressanvido Committee, the Province and the Education Authority, received a contribution from the Cariverona Foundation, which made all the activities completely free of charge for both schools and families. EPC srl provided technical support, monitoring and evaluation services.

Why Bressanvido?

The municipality of Bressanvido, in the province of Vicenza, is located in the Po-Venetian plain, in a transition zone between the high and low plains. It is a particular territory from an environmental point of view, as it is crossed by resurgences: artificial outcrops of groundwater, diverted to the surface by the presence of impermeable areas underground. In the Bressanvido territory there are a few dozen resurgences, which create a network of watercourses immersed in the countryside. These environments are ideal places for many species of plants and animals, both aquatic and terrestrial, becoming an example of biodiversity.

The surrounding environment is of great importance for ecological protection and environmental biodiversity.

For several years, the municipality has been engaged in activities to enhance and protect the resurgences. In recent years, thanks to a European project, work has been carried out to clean and restore the resurgences, which has made it possible to create a footpath along the watercourses.


A dozen schools took part in the initiative, totalling over 300 children and young people. Some high school classes also participated, carrying out water sampling and analysis activities to study water quality. The activities will also be repeated for the 2023-2024 school year. “Our goal is to bring at least 60 classes with a total of about 1,200 students to Bressanvido.

Fondazione Cariverona‘s contribution also made it possible to set up a classroom dedicated to the theme of resurgences and environmental education, which will remain available and can also be used outside the RiScopro project for meetings, workshops and activities. The RiScopro project provides the opportunity to enhance and make this unique territory available to schools throughout the province.

For further information, please refer to the Bressanvido Municipality website, the Cooperativa La Casetta website or the project’s facebook and instagram pages.